Simulation programme

We aim to provide a Simulation training session to all Foundation doctors training in the MFT programme. each year  This is delivered by a team of consultants with expertise in Sim, using the dedicated facilities at the Education and Research Centre on the Wythenshawe campus.  

Meet your Simulation Trainers!

Dr Andy Parkes

Dr Andy Martin

Dr Lisa Wee

Please note - simulation training is a precious resource requiring dedicated facilities and skilled trainers.  The Foundation support team put a lot of time and effort into allocating you to a session on a day when you are not on call and with sufficient notice, and departments support this with a half day away from clinical duties which is in addition to your formal study leave allowance.   Please respond to your invitation either to accept or decline your place - declining allows us to reallocate the slot to someone else.  If you do not decline and then don’t show up on the day, this place will have been wasted and a day of study leave will be subtracted from your 10-day allowance during F2.