Curriculum, HORUS and ARCP

2021 Curriculum

Foundation Doctors are now following the UKFPO 2021 Curriculum.    Please view the video below for information on what this means for you.  Further useful information is available on the UK Foundation Programe website.  Your F2 colleagues, Educational Supervisor are your key human resources.  The Foundation team is also available for any questions you may have.

Click the Vimeo video below to see a talk from Steve Benington,  Group FPD at MFT, re: the new Foundation curriculum and advice re: ARCP - please watch!  The 2021 curriculum referenced in this talk is a key document, and can be accessed through this link on the UKFPO website.

Also please watch this video by Dr Kate Kirkpatrick which contains useful tips on how to pass your ARCP


Please see below for a link to the first in a series of teaching webinars for UK Foundation Doctors hosted by the UKFPO: 

Foundation ARCP Webinar - 25 March 2021

ARCP - Useful Resources

2021 MFT Curriculum ARCP Checklist

Please refer to this checklist which tells you what you need to achieve to ensure you meet the requirements of the Foundation Training Programme.

ARCP Frequently asked questions

Please click on this link for a list of FAQs and read through before contacting the Foundation team. If your question is not nswered here we can add to the list.

Top reasons for an unsuccessful ARCP in 2022

Click the link above to see the common errors that led to an Outcome 5 (insufficient evidence) at ARCPs in June 2022 - read and avoid the same mistakes!