Mandatory Training

There are two forms of mandatory training you are required to complete as a Foundation doctor at MFT - UK Foundation Programme-mandated training, and MFT mandatory training.  These are outlined below.

UKFPO mandatory training

As an F1 doctor, you are required to complete a number of modules mandated by the UK Foundation Programme.   Time is buit into your induction week to allow for this.  The official duration of this training is just under 14 hours, although most trainees find it takes considerably less time than this.  F1s have sufficient paid time built in to their induction week for this e-learning and we therefore expect this to be completed prior to starting clinical work on the first Wednesday in August.  The list of these modules is supplied below.  You will have been directed to the MFT learning hub prior to induction week where these modules reside.

DiT Induction - Safe Prescribing and VTE

DiT Induction - Mental Capacity Act and Death Certification

DiT Induction - Blood Transfusion and Consent

Conflict Resolution Level 1

Data Security Awareness Level 1

Equality, Diversity and Human Rights level 1

Fire Safety Level 1

Health Safety & Welfare

Infection Prevention and Control Level 1

Infection Prevention and Control Level 2

Moving & Handling Level 1

Moving & Handling Level 2

Preventing Radicalisation Level 1 and 2

Preventing Radicalisation Level 3

Preventing Radicalisation (Mental Health) Level 3

Resuscitation – Level 1

Resuscitation – Adult Level 2

Safeguarding Adults Level 1

Safeguarding Adults Level 2

Safeguarding Children Level 1

Safeguarding Children Level 2

MFT mandatory training

This e-learning is required of you by MFT, your employer.  You do not receive time in your induction week for this, and it should be completed after you start in post, ideally in August as an F1.  There are also some modules that require completing in F2.  Time for this should be found during your working week, but it is not appropriate for you to use self-development time or teaching programme time to complete this.  The Foundation team is currently working with the Postgraduate Department to find a mechanism to give you time within the working week to complete this, as not all departments provide time.  All modules assigned to you on the e-learning hub other than those listed above are the MFT-mandated ones.