Civility, bullying and harassment

One of the joys of being a doctor is the daily interaction with a large number of people, both healthcare professionals and patients.  Most of these interactions are positive, but some can be challenging, especially in a pressured work environment.  The Civility Saves Lives campaign emphasises the role that respectful communication can play in improving both the working environment and the quality of care we provide.  Click the logo for further information. 

If you feel you are being bullied or harassed, please consider the following sources of support and advice in the first instance.  A copy of the MFT Dignity and Respect at Work policy is also below for reference.  Please search the MFT Intranet for the most current version.  

MFT has a Freedom to Speak Up (FTSU) Guardian, and a network of FTSU Champions based across the sites.  These colleagues are available to provide confidential and impartial support and advice to MFT staff who feel unable to raise concerns through other routes.  Click on the logo for further information (links to the MFT Intranet so you need to be in the trust to access this content). 

Complaints dignity respect policy2.pdf

Here is a copy of the MFT Dignity and Respect policy.