F1 Induction August 2024

Hello and welcome to MFT! This page runs alogside the Induction Portal and will contain information not included there.

Paid shadowing begins on Monday 29 July 2024,it is expected that you will attend from this date.


Current Foundation Doctors about accommodation

A lot of people in MFT live in Ancoats, new Islington, Salford, Didsbury. Personally recommend Salford as it is a bit cheaper

A lot of the flats go fast so best to book lots of viewings in a few days and some you have to offer a little bit more than the rent advertised to get the place given the rental market is so competitive.'

A whatsapp group was created for MRI future FY1s as soon as we knew our hospital. We used the group chat to message about housing then a separate whatsapp group was made with a load of random FY1s in the area looking for housing. People found groups to live with from that. Someone made a spreadsheet and people put in what they were looking for e.g. area, budget. Good way to find people in the same boat as you. In terms of actually finding housing, no major tips, just used rightmove. To inform them that it is very difficult to find 4 beds so would recommend getting in groups of 2 or 3.

The whatsapp group mentioned above was created by a member of the new F1 cohort, not by the foundation team.

Accommodation - Wythenshawe only

We have two types of accommodation.


Emergency accommodation at Baguley Residencies (located at Wythenshawe hospital) for a short term stay but there is very little availability over the next 2 months and the maximum booking 2 months.


Baguley Residencies (SINGLE OCCUPANCY ONLY with shared kitchen and bathroom) is £20 per night or £90 per week this is booked through the accommodation@mft.nhs.uk email please complete the attached short stay form.


We also have accommodation with Your Housing Group (YHG) (5-minute walk from Wythenshawe hospital).


There is a very long waiting list for accommodation with YHG. We advise staff to search for properties in the local areas through local letting agencies.


Please see attached brochure and a form that needs to be filled in for the accommodation at Your Housing Group (YHG).


Please be advised that there is a minimum Six-Month tenancy at YHG and Tenancies are for TWELVE MONTHS only. NHS approval required to extend for longer than 12 months. When completing the form please fill in the start date and the end date (end date will be 12 months from the start date).


If you are happy to wait, then please fill out the attached form and return to the accommodation team. We will then forward it to YHG for consideration and to be placed on the waiting list.

Baguley Residences booking form 23

Hotel and letting agents close to Wythenshawe Hospital 

Tenancy nomincation form YHG Oct 2023

YHG brochure

Recruitment/Contracts/Letting Agents references

Contracts & Letting agencies - we are aware that a lot of you will require some form of evidence of employment for letting agencies. Contracts will not be available until nearer your start date. However, our resourcing department will provide you with a letter for this purpose.

matthew.williamson@mft.nhs.uk is the current contact.

Please be patient with them, they are extremely busy.

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